Monday, January 6, 2014

Ok!! So this week was a little strange for the whole war that happened at 11 on tuesday or... new years eve. on tuesday and wednesday, there was almost no work...

So we have been working really hard on teach families. because if a family hears the gospel it is easier to support the others if there are problems in the process, and we have been having ALOT of problems finding families... We talked to our Mission President who decided to give us a special prayer, and we even fasted both of us together ( my companion and i)and after we started till when we ended we actually found 5 families to start teaching... all of them actually super receptive. how about them apples? i felt super strrong about that, and it has justr bee fun working hard. We actually helped a mexican who grew up in the states who is living here, and he is actually super wanting to know, because he used to go there, but never had the chance. BUT it was just cool cuz he is from michigan!

Well also, right now i have no way to send the pictures, but we also saw the mayan ruins here in Copan! We had so much fun, i loved it, and ill send all the pictures later, because they are dang awesome.

Also... my clothes are dying faster then me... my socks are dying almost two pairs a week, both my shoes got destroyed and my shower flip flops... had to buy new shoes AND sandles XD all in one week...

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