Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We got stuck in the city, because we had to wait here at the house cuz we had to wait for the change call for another elder (since my comp is District Leader) and actually found out he is leaving too so we had to figure everything out before hand and we just got back. This week has been insane, but amazing... We have been working hard with this lady, Mayra, and even though we need a miracle, she can get baptized on the 9th. She isnt married and her husband is still married in another city... But we both can tell the 9th is her date, we just need to teach her one more thing again and see if the spirit can create a mircle or if we need to wait. This week though has been full of lessons. Like the people who are prepared we have not actually taught anything and they have done EVERYTHING, and the people we have seemed to fight with just havent done anything or regressed and its because we can really tell when the spirit is in our lessons... well not much time incase the power goes out... But i love you all and i will see catch you on the flip side!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Alright... So this week has been CRAZY. First off we had no water till thursday really, and then we had to go on divisions, because Elder Porter needed his Residency card! He is an official catracho! Him and another elder went, so I was on divisions with another a pretty cool elder and we did some hard work but we kept having to go back home to see if my comp was back (since we only have one set of keys and we needed to switch back... Well they didnt get back till seven OH and we didnt have power XD So... We cant leave the house without power so we were stuck having a slumber party... XD It was a fun night but it was long... Days go by super slow if you arent working geeze... Then the next day we drove an hour to a little colonia called san marcos which was a GORGEOUS TRIP the return trip wasnt fun... that was an hour of not being able to see out the windows, and standing... XD Welcome to Honduras! I ran into this GINORMOUS lizard on our walks and seriously... all week... has been a week where i WISH i could have my camera but we arent allowed to really have them in most of our areas just in case. BUT i have been blessed. the weather has been AMAZING! hopefully it stays like this, but every day has been cloudy! hopefully the rainy season starts early ya know? then less sun and less heat... i do not mind! well... not sure what else to put... BUT i am doing great and having fun out here! we are working hard and hoping for the best!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ok so this week kind of flew by, and i do know it was amazing! to more describe the guy who was baptized, he was being taught before i got here so i didnt have any really part except being there XD Also the fire? Oh yeah, they happen everywhere on the mountains and we dont know how they are put out... But they are and we are still safe. We randomly ran into a brother of a guy who we are teaching now so that was cool to see! we are unsure how much either will be willing to listen BUT we are hoping maybe one of the other 9 might be interested... or someone that we are meant to talk to... Well we have been working hard and it was awesome to hear from my family yesterday, and it rained HARD for an hour which was awesome!! well... I dont know why this isnt working but i will try to get pictures out today and if not today tomorrow dont worry :)
ok so here are some of the pictures from cinco de mustache, and then some lovely bugs we found in our bathing water... yay... But the last one was my birthday ommelette from E Porter! It was so salty we couldnt finish it...

well here is my birthday cake from elder porter and an awesome family! and my birthday tie from mom... hopefully i can get pictures of the lizards that live with me in my house XD so... these computers are so much fun... still waiting...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Alright! so this week has been pretty straight forward, except our
Pila or big tub of water that we do everything with, got really gros
 this week and we had to clean it BAD! SO we did that all day today
which was fun! Also played a little futbal in the manaƱa, which i did
pretty good for being a gringo! We have been having a good week, where
we have had random clouds so it hasnt been NEARLY as hot as it has
been these past few weeks. Also the guy sitting next to me has a rat
 in his lap. A living Rat. Thats for all of you who are against rat
owners! I wont tell you what he is like, because that will JUST
FURTHER YOUR CAUSE! but anyway... The rat is super cute and awesome!
Also we have been having some random wildfires around where we live so
thats always fun to watch. Also we found a jungle pathway called
¨Calle de los monos¨ the street of the monkeys. So that was actually
pretty cool. Also the real cool part of this week has been meeting so
many people who have been not interested before but really wanting to
know more! We have had some real progress out of a brother of a recent
convert, where with this recent convert we will be able to bring
EVERYONE the gospel! Well.. Thats this week! OH!!! I dont have the
picture but next week i will send them for cinco de mustache! No one
even knew it was a special day anywhere, so that was a weird
difference from SO California XD
Well... I love you all and i hope life is treating you all super well!Elder DeGriselles!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Alright! so this week has been pretty fun so far! the weather has been not as hot, or i am getting used to it which both are good things, had to do my first load of by hand laundry ever, saw tons of lizards, like this huge giant one that i tried to take a picture of but it ran off... Well this week my companion was able to bring another person unto baptism! it was pretty awesome to see! he lives way far away and by a river so we just were able to do the baptism right there! This place is insane! thse people can fix pretty much anything and can do anything they want with almost nothing! they are just super inginuitive! also their league teams for soccor are better games then i have seen most colleges in the states... And these are a bunch of fat older guys! Also i cooked for the first time while being a missionary and it was tough! we couldnt buy much except rice and some chorizo and some eggs but it was still good!! Well so there some pictures here of the new place that is my first house! Later is my river area and its gorgeous! the beginning ones are of my MTC district! Well i dont have much more time since these pictures took so long...ok never mind... they will have to be in a couple different emails!