Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Alright! so this week was pretty amazing! We have been getting rained on
alot more then normal, and its just been fun! We have been planning the
wedding for a great family this weekend! They have been trying and trying
to get married, but they have been just having a TON of problems. I am just
glad i am for seeing them get married this weekend XD Elder Goddard (my mtc
comp) has been freaking out cuz his tennis player won the open of
somewhere. I really dont care but he does... We have also been doing alot
of service and seeing a bunch of HUGE spiders. They have been talking about
snake season right now so i freaked out a bit... BUT we went to the DIRTY
beach today and saw a life guard tower so i HAD to take pictures. We then
went and were going to explore the biggest port of honduras but we werent
allowed in only because we were gringos. 100% their reasoning. BUT We have
been having fun and thank you all for your prayers and well wishes! i am
still praying for you and thinking of you! so the pictures might have to wait till next week...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

OK so first. that pile of dirt in that picture? its from INSIDE one of my shoes. only one. Not where the foot goes but inbewteen the sole and the shoe... ya... thats ATON of dirt! Also my companion being weird, my zone, and my mexican "boyfriend." We taught him english and he like using the phrase "i am your boyfriend" cuz it sounds hilarious with his accent... BUT This week has been alotof hard work. We are preparing a wedding for the 29th and have been having to try and send for their  papers, walking to the far reaches of ourarea, and having people who have member family ask us where oyr church is so they can start coming in the bus randomly. We have been having some problemsbecause it is a small town and every hears about everyone elses business,so we had a problemwith oneof the leaders, and we had to play damage conrol of ahuge ton of fake rumors that spread like wildfire. which is surprising cuz half the members dont have phones... BUT everything is great,me and my comp are getting along great and we have abaptism up and ready for this weekend! we have a bunch of support from our branch and i have been loving it!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

SO sorry that there were no words last week from all of my crazy pictures, most of them were from a fort that we visited that was built to kill pirates in the colonial period. lots of cool old stuff and museums here? they dont have a no touch rule! It was quite entertaining. There is one of a wooden saddle and the only reason i took a picture is because it said "utilizaron esos durante la épocha colonía" BUT i see those every day here... Like everyday i see them here still. Just some interesting fun facts of information. Also there are others of when me and the zone hiked in our area to find a waterfall! i didnt take more cuz the battery died in my camera. BUT this week has been a very interesting week. We have been finding some new families but mostly been able to work with some people that had originally decided to not talk to us anymore. One is the dad and mom of two teens that got baptized two months ago, and both parents decided to go to church and the dad pulled aside and told us alot about his life and asked if he could still be forgiven? We read some scriptures that said yeah. No matter what he did he will have the chance to be forgiven. He just needs to work on it. SO he is really thoughtful and wants to get married to start turning his life over! It was seriously great because the kids were so happy that they could see their dad with them. One of them said well i was always happy before, but now? "Soy Super Feliz!" but ya... Thats what has been happening here but since its cooling down the lizards are getting bigger and running around like crazy! or im just seeing them alot more but ya. lizards.