Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So... last week i lied... My companion HAD changes so i amwith my fourth who is actuallyanother gringofrom utah! His name is Elder Tinkham and he is pretty awesome! or members have already said that we are the scariest missionary couple they have seen...He is smaller loud and we talk ALOT. and he is nuts and i kind of feel likemy old compsmust feel XD BUT he is great and we are getting together great and in no way doing bad! This week was a little harder because we are learning as much as we can to try and help people just with anything we can. we are trying to everything we can to learn from every mistake we have and just bring thespirit. its been tough having a new comp again but it is easyto teach together so far! We havent had any problems,and we are learning! Well... Notmuch else happened except i hopefully will have all your letters sent out soon because we found out the old Secretary wasnt sending ANY out cuz he was lazy and going home. He went homeso hopefully all my letters will be out soon! Well... I do love you all, keep your spirits high and thanks for ALL your prayers and thoughts. I amneeding them.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

So ya... This week Hondurs lost power for a night because it was hit by a meteor. i know right??? Well this week was fun and long, but alot of fun! I burnt a tie for when i turned six months that i will be sending pictures and a video. It didnt burn that well... BUT it was fun. This week was filled with people telling us they dont want anything to do with us ever again, making mops, and seeing great men finally coming back to church! Yes i learned how to make super crappy cheap mops that cost about 3 bucks for 10 of them... They are fun and easy to make, but i would NEVER use them in the states XD We also were working with this family where we had some of most powerful lessons wth us and they decided to not continue to take the descussion with us anymore... ALSO i got a cool package form the Big  Bear Ward! ALl are things that i love and will continue to use! The pictures... They are in english and ill use them in my houses but... I live in honduras and none of the members or investigators speak english... Thanks sister anderson!!
Well... This week that was pretty much it... I cant think of anything else except,  I have another Change here with ELder Ward in La Jutosa. We are having so much fun and LOVING it here! 
Well... con mucho amor!

Elder DeGriselles

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SO this week was pretty awesome! I first want to start about talking about what happened yesterday. We had a stake conference here in our area where they actually called a new stake president. It was amazing BECAUSE Elder Martino of the 70 came and gave an amazing talk! He focused on the ex missionaries here in Honduras on how they better be 1) married 2) have a calling 3) trying to help these missionaries here. He also really talked about if we want blessings we CANNOT just sit around. we need to work for them, and search for them! this is reading the scriptures for answers, looking for jobs to be blessed with one and working hard and paying tithing to get out of poverty. He also just hit hard on if you arent married its cuz you arent looking hard enough. Alot of the men in our brach got really quiet after that one... BUT it was a great conference with the spirit. We left our area at 6:30 in the morning, by bus and got back around 11. We hd a couple of really great investigators come! We have this girl who is the captain of her soccer team, who had a game at 8 and they were playing till six that night. She went on sunday because she knew she had to cuz it was a commandment to go to church. THAT was cool to see. and we had some guys who are pretty tough men really be touched by the spirit... It was great to see how much this was a help to these people for answers! BUT we worked hard this week... We tried to bring everyone and their mothers and we just had problem after problem... We Had a family who had their rent upped by almost 1000 limps over night and if they didnt move in 2 days they would need to pay the HUGE rent for a tiny room or be put in jail. Ya the whole renters rights thing? doesnt exist here. But we got them moved and everything in time and they have a place thats actually better for them! They live super close to a family thats members that are helping them out right now. I also saw my first snake. It was being DEMOLISHED by two men with shovels. That made me a little happy. BUT me and elder ward started a game. sapo punting! just look up the word sapo... well there are a TON everywhere and they are getting annoying cuz we stop on them and trip over them so... we kick them... only when nobody is looking but ya... probably shouldnt have told you that... BUT this wednesday? im burning a tie. HAPPY SIX MONTHS OF BEING ALIVE ADELAIDE!!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Alright, so. I honestly cant say much more then, i have no idea how its already monday again... This week has flown by and Its been a week where we have been working HARD. We have been helping this ward alot, and really getting to love these people, but its just tough when we have people who want to change, but their family wont let them. We have a two wives who want to get baptized but the husbands wont ever get married, well one is cuz they are cousins... Yup... Welcome to Honduras! BUT we have another family where the guy is trying to quit smoking go to church and be the best he can but his wife is putting all the things he needs to do around the house only on sundays so he cant go because word for word, she is afraid her husband might need to kill a child of theirs to be baptized. People are sometimes insane. BUT we have been having some fun finding a new family! The kids are all great and the mom is super strong. she has been helping us out alot with her friends and just helping us talk to new people. the only bad thing is the daughter wants to marry elder ward. thats what i think any way which is hilarious. BUT the rest of the family is trying super hard. the brother is going to stop drinking and the kids are just great kids. We have a mexican in our zone now and he is a DANG good cook. he also can make some great salsa verde... my breakfasts have been amazing...