Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Alright so this week has been a harder week cuz we havent had much time... we have been working hard but tuesday we didnt do work cuz we had interviews and we didnt get back till 6 and thursday we just had none of our citas actually happen but we have been working with some great people! This week elder ward and i have been working with a family, who has been having some big problems with smoking and wants to quit, he just doesnt know if he can... he is seriously amazing but its just with time with them. Also my old comp elder goddard had ANOTHER e change, and he is no on his 8th comp since we entered the mtc. he has had a comp for every 3 weeks in the field. its been tough but he has been doing great.

also, another missionary and i were talking of where i grew up, and i said big bear, and he said "wait... do you know the buffingtons???" Brother Buffington was his branch president and he went to school with daniel! that was a weird connection... daniels grandpa actually was baptized recently by daniel!

But we have been having fun and working hard. we are baptizing a great family in another zone but since we taught them everything they want us to baptize them. they had to move due to a new house and job offer, but they like the new ward so much better. they will do great work out there! well thats about it for now XD

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

So, this week has been pretty amazing! We are starting the wet season i think cuz the rain is coming in longer spouts, and more often, and it has been SO much fun! i havent reaslly been using my boots though, which i guess i should but they are heavy and bulky and make my feet anyway but from sweat... if you havent noticed i live on the equater. its kind of hot. alot. BUT we have been having some great success with the branch! we are trying to grow to 80 before september so they can start building a capilla, cuz we are in a tiny house that is a bit tough to feel the spirit sometimes, but since its the lords work we make due until we cant. Our newest convert just recieved the aaronic priesthood sunday, and we gave talks! it was alot of fun, because i was able to start really expounding on the scriptures without having it written word for word. yes my spanish is horrid sometimes but we do make due XD sometimes its frustratiung, cuz they dont understand a word we say, but we are wroking to improve every day and try to be understood by everyone. but living here really gives me appreciation for any immagrant. i mean... i am learning dang fast, but these people are super patient, and want to understand me. they never say "you live in honduras speak spanish!" Just something to think about... and it is dang tough to speak in a second language every second of everyday... whenever i CAN speak english i take the chance XD but i will be sending a fun video of when elder ward turned a year and he almost burnt the house down. good thing it was raining and the hosues are made of bricks.
Well that is it for this week here in La Jutosa! I love you all, and until next week!
Elder DeGriselles 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Well family and friends! another week has come and gone! Here in La Jutosa we have been really seeing some great progress from our families! We had some families tell us that they finally have all the paper work to get married so they want to get baptized asap! There is a family who has been waiting for this for 3 years... she was CRYING when she was telling us. She honestly cant wait to take the Santa Cena again. we have been working pretty hard, and having some fun! when i can get pictures out there are some pictures of a young man who was able to be baptized this weekend! We also had some fun rain storms that made rivers out of streets. The wet season is kind of starting but it doesnt fully start here until august or september. But our area is FUN in the rain because there isnt anything close to a paved road here. our roads get flooded super fast and we get soaked but its so much fun. we have been seeing frogs that are the size of footballs. they are HUGE! also... we found a lime tree with limes bigger then softballs. they are limes. they are huge. and we are making lemonade out of them! the thing about here... they dont have lemons. they have limes but they call them lemons... its kind of strange... well our week has been filled with not much time so we have not been eating much cuz we have been running around until after 9 and EVERYTHING shuts down at 8 here so we dont get much food but just this week. We are excited to be together for one more change at least and we will see where it goes from here!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

aLRIGHT SO WE JUST FOUND OUT WE HAVE ANOTHER SIX WEEKS TOGETHER! oops... caps lock... Well Here in La Jutosa, we are working HARD. We have some great families that we have seriously been trying to help alot! we having a crazy amount of lessons and just finding new people. One proble that we still have is that no one wants to get married...We have a family who is super interested and wants to get baptized until they found out they have to get married. They dont have a problem with the money, and its just he really doesnt want to get married at all. we are working with this family who is amazing... She had a gream that sounded JUST like Lehis dream. It was so amazing to feel the spirit during the lesson while she read lehis dream and told us she dreamt that and how she feels that she dreamt that so we could show her that chapter in the BoM.

We actually just bought our first hammack and want to buy a blender for all the fruit to make fruit juice all the time! We bought a HUGE pineapple two days ago for 10 lempiras which is pretty much 50cents... legit i know. This area actually has SO many avocado trees...every meal i have to eat a half and every meal its the worst part of the meal... except when i ate cold chicken... that was just bad in itself... but when a family kills a chicken for guests its cuz they love them apparently so we couldnt do anything but eat and eat...Well thats us here! Anybody that gets this and can tell Sister Anderson thanks for the card and bishop Gibbons for the letter thanks! Their letters will get to them in about 3 months!

Also some have asked about sending packages. You really dont need to,  just give my parents money cuz i can buy almost everything here alot
cheaper then you can and its SUPER expensive to send packages... like
SUPER... But the only thing we cant get here is candy... i miss
american candy...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ok,so sorry about forgetting my weekly update email, it was shorter time in the computer lab then i was used to and just read allmy emails wrote back and wrote tothe president then left. BUT thispast twoweeks have been fun! We were able to confirm a young girl that was baptized the week before and we were really working on finding people interested in our message. we found a lotof people but they just havent wanted anything more then one visit which is always tough... BUT we have been doing awesome AND we decided to dosomething with our families, SMORES! Ya. Smores, and they cant even pronounce it fully, and they have LOVED them so far! they are actually supercheapdown here to make, they just arent great quality, just a good reminder of good old days XD Well, elder Ward and i have been working amazing together and just been getting closer and closer! It kind of hitme, when it was july that my best friend Andrej is MARRIED WHAT THE CRAP???? CONGRATULATIONS!!! Andrea, you got an amazing guy! Andrej? You better keep it that way! :D Well nothing really crazy has happened except there is a local crazy guy who likes folowing us around grabbing rocks and running off in a sprint... ya he is fun...