Friday, January 3, 2014

Its kinda weird sitting and thinking that there has been an entire year that i have been here. all of 2013. In no way has it been a waste. Just a very interesting thing to think about. I mean this year, i have seen drunks become sober, kids come back to their parents, people pull together to make miracles in the life of members who have been down trodden. I also have seen many missionaries start and many missionaries end their service. I have seen a nation wide count of missionaries in a country be from 600 to almost 1000. (about 60 shy)

I have seen amazing men, have been able to help so many people wityh hge emotional problems or just carrying their clothes up a mountain. 

there have heartaches as well. Seeing people so willing to change but the fear or millions of oter reasons, to not make that last step. I have seen good friends become bitter, and i have seen old enemies become good friends. I honestly have no idea, how is 2013 already over? I thought it just started...

Hey but let me know some of the best moments that you all have had in 2013. i want to hear from all of you fools! entonces ap├║rense!!!

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