Monday, March 25, 2013

The calm after the storm does not exist here in the mission field! So, while working hard this week, we started working weith the man who decided not to be baptized the week before, and he is still animated and wants to go, just doesnt understand the importance of needing the baptism, BUT it worked out great because right now, his wife who was super angry with us beforfe has started trying to read the Book of Mormon, and is loving it! so we are pretty sure the reason he didnt get baptized is to give more time so his wife could be baptized with him! She wants to know, but her pastor prohibites that she speaks with anyone of another faith. Its sometimes tough, but she hasnt been listening to him and has been reading. This book is so true its incredible, and its just amazing everytime i read it! It trulñy can guide us. I am so thankful that i have been able to serve this mission and have learned alot. REally have. I am also so glad i was able to see so many people change. As it says in 3 nephi 5:13 Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been acalled of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Holy freaking crap have i never been so proud to be called catracho!!! It was really a very amazing weekend onmy part. first we got on a bus with a huge amount of people and a bunch were investigators, (more than the other areas) and we saw the youth from all over honduras come and celebrate in the noche cultural de Hondurs! still no videos to see it those that are in the states, but man... It was also amazing to go, andsee a bunch of converts who were in the dance and then see president uchdorft and my Bishop frommy last area being a best and translating for him... Man, this weekend has been fun. We are working hard alot too! there was a man who was getting prepared for baptism, super excited, and then the day before... everything changed. HE said, he still has a testimony he just cant get baptized and he will continue going but not being activly engaged with us, and we cant visit as hurt alot i wish i could help him, but we did everything we could and one day he will be able to.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ok so this week is full on game time! Last week we have been trying to prepare four people for baptism the 16th for two reasons. they are ready, and two if they are members, they can assist the dedication of the FIRST TEMPLE in honduras (for as we know) a whole long time! Like im thinking... 2000 years or so? BUT it wasnt called Honduras but i think the land of Nephi... BUT back to the stuff that EVERYONE will understand, and less references from the Book of Mormon, we have been working hard with these four and i have never seen satan work harder as well. Two men already decided that we are of the devil and dont want anything to do with us, for doctrine such as worship on the sabbath day being sunday not saturday as they think or the other of the need to stop drinking. BUT the other two are strong and fighting well. One has a lot of problems of being from the mountains and not being educated or familiar with talking with people. BUT he has been fighting it nicely. His desire is to finish learning to read and write to serve a mission like us. The other had a good friend whos dad is a member, rob him of his weeks pay from work. He now has NOTHING to put gas in his truck to work or feed his family. He almost didnt go to church this sundy but had the impression that it was satan working on him, so he went. We also are getting the members who are worthy but not animated about this dedication and that has been keeping us busy! Me and my companion who is from mexico are doing great. two mountains of pride, and its been a very humiliating experience. he talks WAY more then i do, imagine that! BUT its been great for both of us, because we have learned so much from the other. the best part is how willing we both are for this area because we both know how great it can be if the missionaries really give it all and arent just here on vacation, or  for others to see how great we are. Well... thats about all on this end. Thanks for all the suppot that you have been giving me, and helping me stay on track! all your letters and emails have kept me happy and focused!
Ok so all of you can see where i am, i am in a place called MEZAPA in Atlantida. about three hours from the main city of San Pedro. Its a great area, and it is HUGE! the biggest area that i have been in by far. Everyonce in a while, we have a member let us borrow their bikes, to work hard and get to all the area. the best part really is that me and my comp are seeing alot of succes through the temple that is was built and will be dedicated in two weeks! Thats really whats been on mmy mind more then anything else, and i cant believe really how big of a blessing this will be. Every person i have talked to has said, that the part that called their attention was the baptismal font. The members all say the last room, because they understand, but i have seen people change ALOT for just thinking how they felt in  that room. they dont understand what its for, or why its so special that we needed to build a building JUST for the font, and why we need to travel 4 hours to see it, but they have all said that what ever problems they had on the journy was worth it to just SEE in that room. Also, im by the beach. it is awesome!