Tuesday, August 27, 2013

just so you guys can see my mission to this point, i am sending this little map of my jounries in the wonderful country!

So i came to this area knowing nobody. My companion didnt know anybody either. We are opening an area!!! So its actually part of a ward that has two missionaries already, but we are working to divide the ward in this year! Im not sure when because i havent had too much communication with the bishop BUT i have had a bunch of support of the ward. We are already working that when we divide it will be a ward right away. We have the people we have the area, we just need to do it! our first purpose is to find the men who could be the leaders. Bishop, elders quorum president, ward mission leader young mens president and the such. We have a bunch of the women who could be leaders here in our area. The best part of this area is its stuck with my last area! Literally! In december when the chapal of my last area is completed ill start attending church in my last area!

Other cool news, is in this mission they sent three peruvians to start working here! My companion is actually a very new young man who just completed his 18th birthday. ya... im five years older. i was in kindergarten when this kid was born XD but he works hard and uis very mature for his age which kind of helps the balance of my immaturity with my age XD BUT he is an elder Velasquez, and is an amazing elder always trying to be better everyday!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ok so this is actually my last week in dos caminos... i am getting sent somewhere else in two days, but i am so excited to be seeing new places and getting out of where i am! not anything bad about here, i just know that i cant really do anymore good here... BUT i know i was here on purpose. These past three weeks, i was able to help a wonderful lady named ana refind the church learn and be baptized, all on her own. she felt the drive and she felt the need to learn everything. she was an amazing blessing for me, and she will always be close. the first convert that gave me a tie because she was so happy.
Also me burning my pants of completeing my 18th birthday, in months that is. Its been insane, and i am so exctied not because im close to finishing the mission, but i am getting to the point where i can just worry less and work more. less worrying if ill say something wrong or go something wrong, because i have seen that the lord directs me. he knows the best and i have learned to depend (on something about skirts) on the lord!
I also am happy to know some amazing people here like our ward mission leader and another missionary that lives in the same house as me!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

SO this week has been amazing! i honestly dont know how its been! My week has been trying to leave the house because my companion was sick... again, and i needed to find men to leave with me that was worthy so some one could stay with my comp and someone to leave with me, and it was tough. but we did have a great time. 

First we found a lady who has been investigating the church for three years, and is finally ready. She has been Trying to go but hasnt been able to since january. She came and has been talking to us. She just lost her job which is good, because we werent able to see her at all. BUT we had a lesson on saturday, and we felt the strong impression to invite her to be baptized next saturday, and she said yes. Everything has fallen into place to let her be able to be baptized. She even has a good friend who will come and do it, who is actually a convert that i helped baptize in my second area! its going to be amazing seeing him again! the daughter was just so happy to see her mom be ready, and the branch has been so supportive and helpful. the reason its good news she lost her job is because she now can really get ready, and then go see her mom who she hasnt seen for a year, and then she already has a new job for after all the things happen! she is really a mircle to see be prepared.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Thi week has been pretty amazing! Well half has been really dang boring, cuz we have been stuck in the house because for a day i was sick, and the next two, y comp.He has a little virus, but isnt DYING. Just weak and so he really cant leave...

BUT we did have an amazing baptism. We found a faily who has been having trouble finding the church and had their child who wasnt baptized. we have been working with him for about three weeks, and i a happy to say he was able to be baptized and confirmed! but the best part of this weekend, is that two of the failies who we have been working on alot, finally was able to make it to church yetsreday! One is a lady who her kid has been a member for yers, but she never was interested. she had an experience, and she decided to start coming. after we decided to have her pray, and she prayed and she had an answer. she is already planning to be baptized the end ofthis month, and i didnt do a thing!

I a super happyto always be part of this church, and this work. People arecrazy, but doesntmean that CHrist doesnt direct this church. I love you all!!!