Monday, October 28, 2013

OOOOOOk, so i am pretty dang stoked because this week we have just been working hard even though first my companion was super sick, and then right after i got the same. we were both frustrated that it was one and the other, but i guess it all works out for the best XD

The best thing about this week though is that we are teaching this wonderful little old lady named Maria, who is the neighbor of a member who has been helping her out alot. She had a big experience reading and going to church, because she used to be really big in the ministry of another church. SHe had a big experience that she felt that in this church is where she needs to stay because she feels the great desire to learn. SHe is then asked how she could be baptized and will be baptized the ninth of next month! 

We also had the great time of climbing a mountain looking for monkeys, we didnt find them... but it was still fun!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Who new i was tri lingual?? i speak german as well!!

Ok so this week has been pretty tough, not because of the work, but alot of the people who we are teaching have been through some realy tough situations. One, her son got in a car accident and may never walk again, and its been very hard on her. Its been tough to see her going through such a hard time. We have just been doing our best.

We also are trying to just be helpful and be there for so many people, like these two best friends who both have been suffering MDD together, which has been a huge inspiration, yet still heartbreaking. I know that the best thing to do, is what they are doing, and they are not giving up.

The hardest is a 23 young lady who showed up one day with her dad to church. Her father doesnt want to listen to us because he doesnt believe in prayer, but he still lets us teach her. The grandma is insane though. SHe spent a good hour and a half attacking us on every point she could just because she isnt interested. the whole time her grand daughter was trying to calm her down. We ended up apologizing and having to come another time to try and help. The weirdest part is they  want us to come back and help with what we can. 

All i know is i love this mision, and its only getting to the good part now!

Friday, October 18, 2013

SO in this great area we have been having some problems with the internet, so i wont have much time, but i am writing to say, i love it here! so right now its still hot, still humid jst getting hit some times with rain storms. This week was a fun week despite our lack of people letting us in... We had a very unusual amount of people closing doors and saying no thank you, it happens and we arent disanimated.

This past tuesday was pretty amazing. we had all of our appointments and back ups fall through until around 4, so we had to start contacting... while we were walking down the street we felt to go down a certain street and talk to a pulperia (a small in house store.) the reason that is important, is that pulperias are the hardest people to get to listen to you because the store is literally in the house and people are always coming and going, and sundays are the BEST days to sell, so to tell someone we dont believe in working on sundays, they almost always say no way can they continue. But we felt a huge draw to this house. It was amazing because a member who has been having troubles with depression was there helping her friend, the owner, who also is suffering depression. we are excited to be there because we felt the spirit, and maybe we can truly help her. She has recently lost her mom, who is the 5th of her relatives in ten years. I know that this message can at least bring some peace to her. I know we were guided there.

Friday, October 11, 2013

o this week rocked. It finished off with an amazing General Conference!

What were some of your favorite parts? I very thouroughly enjoyed the talk by President UChdorft (?) saturday morning.

Also i am now with an awesome elder from Salt LAke CIty very close to where Tim grew supposedly. his name is ELder Fetzer. one of 11... WHAT??? no like 11 kids, plus the inlaws and the huge amounts of neice and nephews, and the parents.... A big family XD

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ok, so this week has been alot of fun! We didnt have very mush success, and we arent sure why. This week the people didnt go to church but a bunch were confused and though this week was general conference. BUT it wasnt...

 We are working hard right now to help everyone be aware though for this weekend because we are lucky to be able to help all these people who live so far away from the church be able to come in bus! we are super excited because it is GENERAL CONFERENCE! 

More than that, one of us has transfers but we arent sure who... We have been working hard and getting closer as companions. Its stioll been tough because he has been having a hard time adapting and we hope that a new companion will be able to help more then i was able. I will miss him walking by my side, and by far this has been the fastest change in my whole mission... I dont know where it went but i am excited to keep growing and keep learning.

my leader found a dead lizard and since he is from honduras he decided to eat it! that is a joke but it was fun all the same.

well we were super sweaty and super tired afterword but we enjoyed it all alot. we got destroyed by the sun, and yet ended with smiles... mostly

aaaaaaaand the last...