Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ok so... Last week i was in a tiny colony called san jorge in a city called Cofradia. since wednesday i have been in a VERY small colony called La jutosa http://www.maplandia.com/honduras/cortes/choloma/la-jutosa/ it has a name on the map so it cant be TOO small but our area is small compared to my last area. My last area had SO much in it, but now i am in just a single colonia and so far it is pretty amazing! i am in the mountains again, so again no actual roads anywhere but here? the roads are nice little cow roads XD and some main roads... I am so lost 90% of the time, which doesnt help that my comp has only been in the area for 2 weeks more than me. SO... the area was pretty much white washed... Not a bad branch. we only had 30 people in church, but they were some amazing people. We have our work cut out for us, but i could not see any other way that God could have gotten me here. If i hadnt had trouble with my last comp, someone else would have been change here. The younger companion that was here before me, had a young lady who decided to get REALLY interested in him so they decided he better get out of there before she tried something bad. But i am supposed to be here. I know that. I am super safe right now, and i really do love my new zone. It is weird and sad how i left my first area, and i really wasnt too happy about it, but its how i needed to get here. 

I sent some pictures and they are mostly of the wild life in my old house that we found at different times. I will be taking pictures of my new house and showing how much better it is then our old place! We actually have a shower and bathroom INSIDE!!! a miracle right?? But anyway we are way up in the mountais so my favorite part of our area? is looking up and seeing all the amazing stars that i have never seen before. i am not sure which half i have never seen but they are still gorgeous... and there are some huge lizards that i still wished i could have brought my camera for!

Well that is all for this week. until next folks!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ok so this week has been a pretty great week! its not easy but it is for sure a week that i have seen so many blessings! We found some new investigators, and worked with some old ones that have come back and wanted to learn from us more! its tough when people don´t want to even listen or just want to listen and sit there but not actually want to learn... BUT we cant convince them, nothing we can say can change their minds. it needs to be the right time, and i have been seeing that for sure... There is a son of our great investigator who has been reading the book of mormon and is super interested to talk to us! she cant be baptized yet but he seems super interested!
another thing is the weather has been NUTS... yesterday we were in church and after not a single cloud in the sky... we ate lunch and were studying. the sun was outside and then we heard thunder... we looked out the door and there were thunder clouds rolling in and we could see the rain litterally rolling in! it was so bad we couldnt hear each other when we were almost screaming in each others ears! And then it just was sprinkling the rest of the time yesterday so that was amazing to see. The clouds here are amazing... I get sad when ever i see the sun XD 
Well... Not much more time but thanks for all your time! If you want to send any emails, just email my mom or put it in the group and they can forward it to me, or someone can. I would love to hear from you all!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hey friends and family!
Well this week has been tough... I have a new companion that is going to take alot of patience to work with. I love you all so much but i wanted to tell you all about my wonderful baptism that i had this past week! Its this 11 year old kid, whose parents have been inactive for a while. well we were able to work with them and the dad is now working on being worthy to baptize his other son and they are planning on being ready to go back to the temple! The dad has a STrong testimony and its amazing to see. I am so happy i was able to be here to see his baptism. This is gods work that i am doing. I know i am needed here.