Friday, June 28, 2013

So fam

So fam, i am again sorry, i didnt send the email yesterday because in our area they sent two brand new elders to work with us here! We are so excited to see the work advancing so much because of this as well. Our whole branch has become so excited to see them that they have been helping SO much! well yesterday we had to move the new missionaries in and we didnt get home till 4 while my comp was dying all yesterday and didnt tell me, and then we got home, checked his temp, and saw it say 103.5... ya my comp was dying so i decided it was not a good idea to go out yesterday, so we are using a little of our lunch time to write and say sorry... BUT we are doing great! thuis past week our mission was actually divided in half! we are now two complete different missions where one was two days ago. We have two new presidents who came in today so we said goodbye to our beloved president veirs yesterday. He has taught me so much, but most importantly HOW to have a relationship with god. Not the what that i have been taught since i was three but how. how to pray how to read the scriptures and how to... well the list goes on and on XD but i am so very thankful for his wonderful love he has shown me.

Monday, June 24, 2013


i only have a couple minutes to write you all, but here is the low down, on wednesday ill have more time because it will be pday. we only have half an hour today, so i love you all, and i am happy to let you know, that on wednesday ill know what mission i am in!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

oooooooooooook so this week was a pretty awesome week! we were able to see the great family of Olivia and her kids baptized! she had only had three wanting to right now, but we are pretty excited to start working with the other 8 and her 7 sisters and her huband in these days! She is a great lady that has had a little bit of problems but not huge ones at all. She went to church, and they already had a calling ready for her to start working this week! the best part of the baptism is that this little girl (the first one) got super tired in the bus ride home and totally started snuggling up to my arm and conked out. it was super cute. Also this week we have been looking for a new house, because a new set of missionaries are going to help us out with this branch! they come on in next wednesday! So we have been getting the other half of our area ready for them. I have never been there before now cuz our area is HUGE. like 20 kilometers across, and we have so much work to get done next to where we live, we never have time to get to know over there but we kind of have to right now because this area will be opened to two other missionaries, and now we have to look for the house. BUT i am excited just because this work will grow this branch SO MUCH right now, because there is really way too much work to be done for just us two... Thats the update and the way we keep going up and up and doing what we do best! 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ok so i am writing an email mostly full of how awesome my area is! so elder dean, my companion, and i are having some great times especially since the rainy season has started and we have been getting wet so many times this past week! Also we have been working withthis family; Olivia the mom, Yesi, Nelci, andLoani! We have been working with the Husband COnsepcion, but he has told us on many occasions that he isnt very interested because he never wants to quit his vicesof alcohol and smoking. we have tried to talk to him about these but he just stands up and leaves... WELL he has at least been listening when we have talked about other things, and he wants to support his wife and children at the baptism! We have also been working hard with a man, who i mentioned last week, where his wife went to church for the first time... Well he felland started drinking againand now she blames us. It really does hurt alot to see but at the same time it isnt anything we can do. She made the choice and he made the choice. We are still helping him alot and trying to find himwhen we can so he doesntdrink that day but its hard to talk to him when he gets so drunk that he is drunk for about 4 days completely straight. 

We cantreally let us get down at all on that, but we are trying hard and the members are really supportinghim!

So i havent sent pictures in so long... BUT me and my comp went to these Giant Waterfalls called las cataracas de Puhlapanzak, and these are a couple pictures, of where we decided to bring planking to Honduras, and just loved the time there!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

SO the week of this time of the end of may. I am sorry to say that i didnt write on monday like normal because there wasnt any power so we worked on monday some to be able to write today! The week has been nuts as usual. We are working hard on a couple families that can be baptized in this month but the biggest thing was a little old lady named Caridad or Charity. Her husband was baptized over 2 months ago and was baptized but fell drunk right after. He has been clean for a month and his wife just randomly started listening and this past sunday went to church! it was amazing!It was the first time that she has taken anything seriously from the missionaries. BUT she has been slowly progressing and even told us as soon as she can get out of a commitment that she has with another church she wants to be baptized! It was a dang amazing time we had with her on Sunday just talking to her! We also had a nother activity planned but this one a little smaller and just for a certain colony, which almost fell through because of a HUGE rain storm , cuz ya know, rain here is HUGE and we almost gave up, but figured it out! We had only members there but we made it work to help people really get animated to help us here in this area! Man... Good week!