Wednesday, February 27, 2013

so this internet place gives me the geepers, creepers, so this will be short. I am in my new area! im the step dad of an elder Delgado (ya, where is elder gordo eh? i say that joke all the time and no one gets it... nobody thinks im funny...)  BUT this area is HUGE! we get more money then any other area because it is IMPOSSIBEL to not travel with buses and motor taxi. its a great area but my little belly, is going to DISSAPEAR!!!!! Also we are working hard on this new temple thats going to be DEDICATED IN THREE WEEKS!!!! IM SO EXCITED!!! ya the first temple here in my country! and the best thing is we are growing as a country they are already looking at where to buy the grounds for the temple SAN PEDRO SULA!!!!!! dude, i will SO return for that freaking dedication... BUT ya so here, its great... we have hot water... the first hot shower that i have had in almost a year... The mtc stopped having hot showers for a LONG time ion my building. also its pretty awesome because they are building an MTC here in honduras as weel!! its cheaper and easier to get visas to honduras, then any other country in the world. first 30 days WITHOUT any paper work. thats shorter then the MTC time so we will have more missionaries mving around THE NEW MISSION THAT THEY ARE OPENING HERE IN HONDURAS BECAUSE THERE ARE SO MANY MISSIONARIES HERE!!!!!! ya... im stoked... ADIOS!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

ill be showing you pictures and explainign how and why they all happened AND what they are soooo... here we go! SO these are the first pictures of a wonderful, wedding that happened on THE DAY OF LOVE!!! ya it was beautiful!

the family of the man who got married, all members, a little weird... but they are amazing!

So the people, the group, and the invited people to see the magic!

of the papers to get married!

then this is the happiest i have seen the family really...

to just show the personality of this awesome couple!

ok on to the BESO!!

but now on to the baptism!!! with really short pants (he is alot talller then me...) and of course the family!

man this day really rocked... it was actually when i completed a year, and the best part with luck! ill see them enter the temple together when i finish my mission!

but... talking about completeling a year i wrote all over a shirt... the frogs ive kicked, the companions i have had, and blaeadas i have eaten. BUT the best part is that i wrote on it... and my comp too!

So he wrote, in sutujil which is his language and its pretty cool. and just to show you WHY i burned this shirt... here is one of the five holes that were in it. ya. 

and it burned well... i feel strange... like before i was just looking forward to this day and now i just want to go BEFORE this day cuz i dont want to be any closer to going home yet XD

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

so this week was freaking awesome! like a bunch of finding times, and a great baptism! well... i dont even know what else to write... Good day, i had great things happen like... i really dont know i cant remember XD it was great, i am great and my week will only get better! A little scared because this could be my last week here in las brisas. that woukld be sad.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Alright so this week has been something super strange. The really crazy part is that we have been working and not much ina way different but we have actually been finding people interested! We are working with a family, where he is inactive and hasnt been to church for HOOOOO ya dias! (little honduran phrase...) But i continue, he has had the missionaries passing by with him and his live in gf for 6 years and everytime they listen but never really wanted anything. This week has been her just WANTING to know. She first decided she finally wanted to get married, then had a big experience of how she found out the book of mormon was true, which was her biggest doubt, and she has been wanting to get baptized faster and faster. its been a great experience to see, and they keep thanking us, but we have only showed up and told us all of this. we havent really asked them to do ANYTHING, they have decided on their own to do it! Its been pretty amazing. Also, me and my comp have been looking more and more to the 20th because that is the day we will most likely be leaving one of us... BUT we are excited. and about that here are some pics of us two getting ready one day to work when it was POURING rain!

here one of our friends decided to take pictures of us studying and me teaching my iddy widdy son how to teach! and a girl that had a guy holding her back and another holding her other hand. a little weird...

IM CATRACHO!!!!!! IM OFFICIALLY UN HONUREÑO!!!!! I wasnt too pleased until they showed me my ID card!