Tuesday, January 29, 2013

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Way to go Tim!

So this week if anyone wants to blame my tardiness blame Eric Carrillo who wrote me an 18 page letter and ya. it was awesome, just... ya not any more time to write BUT it was amazing! we had divisions where i went in another area, and my comp stayed and was knocking doors, and then the next day we went to the WRONG house to talk with a family again and found a family of ten and they went to church and are SUPER prepared! ya... well... blame eric carrillo... LOVE HIM AND MISS HIM just fyi. and everyone else too! but yeah we are doing work and loving it! found some cool wild life didnt take pictures and.... ya

Monday, January 21, 2013

I recieved my christmas package! Thank you so much for the candy socks and shirt and pants and FINALLY i can listen to music! i have been deprived for so so so long... BUT just to let you all know i am doing great, and my president told me that i might be training again and opening an area in february, and that means ill be super stressed XD BUT i know if he calls me ill be ready. Also we were told, we will know who our new mission president is next month as well. Like photo name and letters from him. THATS insane to think ill have a new president already. I love Presdint Veirs but i know that god will call this new president to help me just as president veirs has!

Monday, January 14, 2013

SO this week has been an amazing week, of just working hard as we possibly can. We had some amazing lessons, but mostly the strength of a scripture that me and my companion found a couple months back thats found in 1st Nephi chapter 21 versus 14-16 
http://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm/1-ne/21.14-16?lang=eng#13 ) where its a prophicy (HOLY TURD HOW DO YOU SPELL THAT WORD????? i tried for two whole minutes... and i give up...) from the old testament about Christ and his death. BUT its a scripture that we shared with our investigators and less active members, and we saw the power that these three can have. We loved it because it tells us that if we have problems, challenges and trials that he has already seen them and felt them so we will make it through IF we remember what he did for us. Just a little thought that i would love to leave to you all. That he died for all of us, who believe in him or not. Who have already died, or who are yet to be born. Its an amazing experience that i am so glad i can help share to these people for two years, in case any of you wondered why im still here. I LOVE YOU ALL!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Ok so ive been pretty awesome here! me and my comp, are working hard, and having the time of our life!right now we are planning a tournament with the young men, of futbol, and we of course are making it missionary approved, that they can bring their friends so we can find young men who are willing to listen to us and they are pretty excited to help us as well! ALso here are the picture from a long time all together XD we went to these big waterfalls and played frisbee and had alot of fun.  ANd a demon spider that is still alive... its huge. also there are pics of the mini that was with me for a week. he was super tired and excited to be helping us out. he is SUPER excited to be serving soon. also three generations of missionaries!! my dad, and my kid!

Monday, January 7, 2013

was awesome! so the christmas day wasnt too awesome but that night was! we helped a great guy get home while drunk, taught a couple good lessons, and the BEST part was at night we had a fun time of being asleep when A WAR HAPPENED TO PASS BY OUR APARTMENT AT 11 AT NIGHT!!! well... here in honduras to celebrate how happy they are that christ was born they throw bombs and fire works and just go NUTS! there was so much smoke in the air we could see the other side of our street. it was pretty sick XD this week was great because we went on divisions with the assistant to our president and had fun! we learned alot, and have been having fun. here too the ward that i am serving in went to the temple in el salvador for about 4 days and it was great! also we had a fun experience of getting DRENCHED while trying to get to church with a wonderful family and we were so soaked... BUT i love you all and until next week!