Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Ok so I got a nice CHange this past week into the area by my very first area of San Jorge, and im in a place called Dos Caminos which is two paths or two roads. Its a good area that i love, even though my branch president is NUTS! like super crazy. We are having some fun with trying crazy new things that havent been done. The part that i am loving is remembering how hard it was for me when i first got here, cuz i am now with a very Green Gringo from Utah, which isnt my kid(or im not training him) but i am his second comp. He is a funny kid, and makes me appreciate more the greatness of this country. Also i am busting out some good spanish! I mean its weird to think that i kind of spek good spanish, but i am trusted to be teaching someone else spanish so... we will see how that goes! This past week we were just trying to get new ways to have people to feel the spirit stronger in our lessons and come to church just to see. this week we saw 10 new people who have never gone! it was great!

just to make you all know what i eat and can now MAKE!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

since we only had an hour to write on monday, we had some extra time today (by mandate of our mission president) and guess what! i got changed! i am actually super close to the area where i started the mission in and now i have more responibility as a district leader! i have a new companion from utah, Elder Dean! Its great and i love you all!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

this week i only have half an hour to write but i will probably have another hour on wednesday. we have been rocking it together here, me and my companion elder passey, and i love how awesome this place is! i talked to my fam yesterday... uh... an AMAZING family we have been teaching was able to make it to church yesterday which was amazing, and im so excited to see them really starting to accept the gospel!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

well this week has been pretty amazing, but im putting a bit in spanish so my dad HAS to read it and translate it for my mom! the rest, find a spanish speaking friend. ok entonces esta semana pasó tan rapido, que no estoy seguro que hoy es lunes or no. yo creo que es una mentira... PERO lo mejor parte es que tuvimos una semana deficil pero nunca dejamos de trabajar. como es siempre facil a decir "pues... estoy cansado, y nadie nos quiere..." ok en esta semana tuvimos la oportunidad a prestar mucho servicio en las calles porque el tiempo de la lluvia esta empesando ahora, y nadie estaban listo para tener lo, entonces estabamos limpiando casas, y caminando en la lluvia. lo peor es que la lluvia era tan fuerte una noche que se fue la luz y no había los ventaladores, y... nos morimos...  es importante que tengamos una ventalidor porque hace un POCO calor aca, y es bien humido... Esta semana era un poco defícil porque me lastimé la pie, y necesitaba caminar bastante. no sé que hice pero me duele. y tambien nadie llegó a la iglesia este domingo. como los personas en que estamos enfocados. estamops encontrando, y es defícil que nadie quiere ententar a entender... pero Dios nos ama, y fácilmente, tuvimos animo y trabajabamos por medio de todo, y estamos animados hacer la obra del señor!