Saturday, March 24, 2012

Howdy folks!
ok 3 big things!
1) I AM SINGING IN GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!! IN THE CONFERENCE CENTER!!! FOR (i think) SUNDAY AFTER NOON SESSION!!! Its on sunday the 1st of april at 1 california and washington, 2 utah and colorado 4 on the east coast for you in michigan and georgia!!! Man this is exciting! we cant even tell you what we are singing but the pieces are amazing... We practice every morning, except saturday and today, and twice on tuesday and man... I am just so excited! Even if you arent a member, you should watch this session to AT least see me! (You can watch it on, and it is really easy to do...)
2) i am NOT the district leader WOO!!! XD i am having enough trouble watching myself, i would hate watching everyone else... BUT the new district leader is a great guy named Elder Elggren, and its funny because he keeps forgetting he has new responsibilities and asked if he could talk with me as soon as possible. HE didnt really understand why i was terrified...
3) I dont know if i can live in my room any more.... None of my roommates Liked toy story 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DARE THEY!!!! I dont know what to do... I cant even show it to them and show them the errors of their ways!!!
Well, this week has been pretty impressive, because we have been just trucking as a district and getting closer and closer, and we are great group of Elders! I have been realizing some stuff that i have been here for over 5 weeks... doesnt feel that way, and my spanish is improving, mostly because we are only supposed to speak in spanish except while in the gymnasiom and dorm. its tough to remember but our spanish has been improving tons so i cant really complain at all... Also i think i told everyone about the star stickers on the roof of our dorm room? well someone told them about them and they want us to take the stars down... before we leave so we can keep them up for now but still... come on... LAME... they are awesome and pretty and... OH me and my companion had a an epiphany! WE GET TO SEE WHOLE NEW CONSTELLATIONS!!!!!!! man that is going to be awesome... One of our teachers had to quit to focus on school and plan for his new wedding that he asked his girlfriend to do last week, and i am super stoked for him! the only problem is that we have to start 'teaching' a new 'investigator' again. Also i am pretty stoked that i am now saying y instead of and more easily and the same with pero for but and the por and para conundrum that confuses me but i am figuring it out... Well... I think thats all i have time for today folks! I love you so much and hasta ver!
Elder Timothy Todd Donald DeGriselles
something about lizards!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ok so some big news this week, but it really wont be for sure till my next letter... 1) I might be district leader by sunday (i sure hope not, but what ever i need to be i will be) the only reason i think this is i had a weekly interview with my branch president and thought it was for him asking me to be district leader, and he just laughed and said "oh dont worry, thats next week. If anybody gets called its because they need to be the district leader, so don't worry!" Tht just made me worry more for the next week... The spanish is coming along nicely and i am super proud of myself for understanding people and able to answer! Other then accidently telling another missionary to have chastity for his companion... Chastity and Charity are pretty dang close in Spanish... casidad y caridad... Also another Elder called Jesus a Vampire, we are unsure why... we THINK its because he was trying to saw he was clean...
My district is getting super close and i am amazed at how close we are getting. We are almost the oldest and will be in two weeks, which is weird cuz i am now no longer the oldest here! There is a sister who is 12 months older then me XD now THAT is weird...
OH!!! Before i forget, there is some AMAZING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So... On April 1st EVERYBODY i know needs to watch the sunday morning General Conference... There is a "Special Choir" that anybody with experience is being called into to do that is performing on April 1st... We are still unsure of the corralation, and i wont know till monday if I got in, but my chances are really high, because they said they wanted the most amount of people in this choir as possible, and if we were there last tuesday we were pretty much in. So.... Yeah...
OH! SO talking about our youngest district that has now been here a week, they are some great guys!! We were trading with them making sure we were keeping it even, and one of the elders takes my WORST tie off of my rack (worst not ugliest) and goes to his closest and i point at a BEAUTIFUL buggati tie... Great giant beautiful black and gray paisly, and... He said he wanted the trade! i felt bad... until he told me he LOVED the crud tie, and i just had to think... To each his own!
Mer!! i just tried to write a bit in spanish but this "international spanish keyboard setting" isnt working at all. well, forgive the horrible grammer. He hablado espanol por 4 semanas, y yo s'e mas palabras que 3 anos en escuela! yo se que Dios me quiere que ser aqui. sentio muchas sentimientos del Espiritu Santo estando aqui. corr'e 3 milos(?) en vientecinco minutos, y mi arrodillas me duele (i cant remember the word for legs, so knees will work i guess...) Well everybody i love you all and will be writing more about the "special Choir" in a week!
Also i still cant believe how amazing the stars are here...
I love you all!
Elder DeGriselles

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Alright!!! So this email WILLbe short i amsorry, but this computer is hating me ALOT... So this week we were teaching our"investigator" and meand Elder Goddard were able to have a "full" conversation with him! Its crazy howmuch my spanish has been progressing and growing this past few weeks! I am able to make sentances (very slowly) about what i want to say in spanish! We have some new elders and sisters,and so far they seem pretty cool and good additions to our zone! Onmonday we are losing 8more so we will be at half our size from when i got here... It will be super uber strange BUT what can i say, they are all good guys. OH!!! before i forget! my finger is fine and almost completely healed, mycold is gone, and i still am getting shin splints... I cut my finger by reaching into my shower bag and the razer was upside down and the tipof my finger was just... gone... pretty awesome eh?? not as awesome as it getting cut off as punishment or accidently biting it off but hey... its the best i can do... well mytime is upon this frustrating thing of death... I love youall so much and thank you for all your support andlove!
Elder DeGriselles

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Esta semana sero muy bueno! (i know i missed the accent...)
Ok so first off, this week has been CRAZY! I don´´t remember which days things have happened because they seem like one long day... but i am still getting more done in a day then i would in a week at home... its crazy! Yesterday we celebrated "February 30th" becauseone of the elders kept saying he needed to do stuff on the 30th of february, and we kept asking whichmonth only had 28 days, sometimes 29,and he kept saying february, but still wasnt getting why we all died every time he was talking about "thursday the 30th." Also la madre de mi compaƱero mi ama mucho! Est´a muy bien!! She has been asking what i likesnack wiseand since she lives in layton (which is apparently right near provo) theysend same day packages,and we got a HUGE bouncy ball for entertainment purposes.
Our zoneleaders areleaving monday, and by wednesday orzonewill be almost cut in half, then the following week we WILL be half as big! Its kind of crazy, mostly because we will be the ´´old guys´´ in the zone in two weeks... ALsoi have AWFUL shin splints, but theywill be fine if i take it easy on them for the next 2-3 weeks. The tracki was running around every day and havingto pretty much run EVERYWHERE to keep up with my gigantic companion of almost 6´6´´ and mebeing 5´7´´-5´8´´... He haslonger legs...
Also sorry if words are stuck together this space key hates me... We taught our second investigator yesterday and we were ableto answer questions somewhat inteligably andhopefully inanother week be down with another tense and get some more verbs and vocab to make complete intelligent phrases!
Well familia se amo mucho y mi han mucho con ustedes ... se letters en espaƱol.... well i love you all and will writemore latter next week! My time is upandi miss youalot.