Tuesday, January 28, 2014

AND another week goes by! so this week has been pretty dang awesome!

SO on Thursday we had the pleasure of listening to Elder Soares from Brazil who is of the 70, and he had an amazing talk. We did have to leave our house at 6 and didnt get home till the next day, but it was so worth it hahaha.

The only crazy part though... is the week has flown by. We are working and never stopping. We are loving the work and for the first time in so long we had 56 people in church and 42 were all from here in Copan. USually our attendance is around the low thirties, which means we are doing great work so i am loving the work! We are doing everything, and preparing some people for baptism this weekend! Sorry its so short, it just.... thats pretty much everything on this end! eating alot of honduran food, loving life hahaha

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