Monday, December 31, 2012

Well this week, i have been busy trying to figure out how to call the fam this week and i TOTALLY FORGOT to write you all. I am great, and i love you all. I am now with my new companion, who is actually new. Like i am his trainer. apparently someone trusts me. He is from guatemala, named elder pablo. pretty sweet so far. SORRY it wasnt longer,.....

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Well... so this week, i am writing not much (again) because my companion is returning to guatemala on wednesday and he doesnt really see the point in spending alot of time writing family, when he will be talking with them face to face.BUT this email will be sent out in groups to explain why i am sending these pictures and who are they and all that jazz.

the first is of my FIRT CHRISTMAS TREE on my own! yeah it rocks, and its gorgeous, and it was thrown together when i had time last week... i got a package from my parents with a cool santa fool of cookies that werent my mothers because they were actually round. they are delicious, my mothers, but never ever ever round XD NEXT the fan of my comp burnt, and we had to go in and connect it directly together... so we have to plug and unplug to make it work but... welcome to honduras XD

so this week we had to plan a wedding,. thats the witnesses the cake the people the lawyer the transport EVERYTHING and one reason i am doubting marriage because it was this stressful and it wasnt even for my wedding XD BUT it happend and i was SO tired. literally i have never ran around so much in my entire mission. soooooooo much running...

ok so this morning the 15th we stopped by the house of the family to bring them to a house of a member to drive us to where the lawyer would be. we decided to have fun and help them out. the sister was super against us sweeping so she did it but WE DID TRY!!

ok so we got to our destination at 9 in the morning, and our lawyer got there at 10, who then told us she had NONE of the papers to marry them, because here the lawyers marry the people. WELL during this time we stuck all 13 of us in a subaru hatchback, and went an our into central san pedro sula, got there at 11 and waited. this is the pictures of the huge long wait XD it got bad... everyone was sleeping or hungry and... ya as you can see XD

this was a very white christmas and it hasnt even been christmas yet!! so the parents three kids and a nother young man actually all were baptized the same day. we had one of the young men from the ward baptize the son, a great leader in the ward, baptized the dad i baptized the girl and our leader of our zone of missionaries baptized the mom and the little brother. the other young man actually was baptized by my companion. his last baptism as a missionary! this coming up week will be strange, because he actually leaves wednesday... i wont have my new comp until friday... BUT we have a couple of the men in the ward in line to help me out if need be, or i will tag along with another companionship for a day, but yeah... This week was awesome and elder gonzalez did indeed end strong.

so it was alot of words then the... novios? whats that word? well they signed the paper and i had a weird face cuz i had to watch them kiss. but it was actually super awesome!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

ok, so here this is. my information of my crazy week! ok so first off, my days have been alot of my companion asking "how many days do i have left?" the same as an hour ago... BUT it is him messing around with me and we are still working hard. This week FLEW by. tuesday was pretty normal, but wednesday we had a HUGE multi zone with all the zone except two, which was alot of fun. The only bad part is after 2 it kinda died... and it didnt end till 4... BUT we ended with some fun divisions, got to see how being new looks like, when one of the greenies got sick off of something, and he was just dying. i felt fine, and we ate the same things... i guess im getting more used to the food here XD BUT after that thursday was the birthday of elder gonzalez, so i bought him a huge samita or samitona, which is just a loaf of weird bread with a crud ton of sugar on top. they are pretty good, and i attached the pictures of it. i didnt buy him a cake because i couldnt find anything cheap enough... BUT after that we had some good days of working, and we saw this old man (next set of pictures) get baptized. THAT was a fun day. ok so what happened is we got there and the pila (forgot what to call that in english) wasnt filled, and the room was filthy, and we had only 30 minutes to start. good thing is, the guy didnt show up till 3:30, his son didnt till 4 and the bishop who was doing the baptism, didnt show up till 4:30. SO my campanion ran to go check up on a family that wanted to see it, and he took one of the members with him to do so. They left and then the bishop arrived, and he wanted to start it. The family finally arrived right when we were starting the baptism, and it was a great experience. The wife was super excited to get baptized, she just doesnt want to get married. we then had to explain to be baptized you can be living in a free union, or so they call it. BUT it ended amazingly and we had a good time. We are preparing them for this saturday, so hopefully you will see a bunch of people in white clothes next week as well!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ok so this week has been pretty awesome! We have been working with some great people and finally able to see an amazing woman enter into baptism, who has seen so much heartache, its tough, BUT how happy she is through all of it? Its a huge way to see it. SHe has been pregnant 15 times 10 have names because they were born and 4 are alive... SHe talks about each one with a smile and love and hope to see again another time... Its a huge hope for me too and i cant help but just smile A HUGE smile we talk. Her son now is really excited to be baptized as well! Also we had another investigator that stopped talking to us, come up to us and asked us if there was a way he could be baptized this coming saturday, and so we are preparing his baptism as well! The best part really was this sunday for the christmas devotional, that if you didnt see you should, we had 3 whole families packed into a tiny tiny bus and all went and they all just got hit by how amazing it truly was! It was some great talks with some amazing songs, and a great way to really start this christmas spirit! Well until next week, i love you all, and hope you have a merry christmas!!