Tuesday, April 30, 2013

so this week was mostly alot of walking and walking and walking. we arent quiet sure why, but the lord wanted us to find some people to help them out, but we were always willing to help! and here are some pictures from the past months! my dad going home from the mission my brother and nephew and my kid XD i love the family XD a cute girl that is the daughter of the cook, and she was actually screaming and running and SOMEHOW this picture came out, aaand i hate birds.

and then we decided to stuff about 12 people in the back of a truck and shipped them off for an awesome baptism!

the three families that had supported these four young men into baptism.

and then... man i love the mission and i love packages!!! i cant eat the candy or make the cake yet for another two weeks cuz two weeks from today its my BIRTYHDAY!!!!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ok so this week went by super freaking fast and i have no idea how its ALREADY monday. I feel like i was here two days ago. I have been working hard this week, and it worked off well. we have found a bunch of new families, that have been trying to find alot of the things that our message offers
. ALot of the time it is strange to see how easily people can reject us, but it also helps me alot when so many people not accept us in but start trying to see if we are selling crap, or the real deal. The best part is when they see the results. the best part is i was asked to baptize a young man named cristian. his parents were baptized when i first got here to mezapa, and he didnt want anything. His dad then recieved the priesthood and we wanted his dad to actualy be in the water with him when he finally decided to go into the water. He puled me aside the day before and told me, that more or less he started this journay of wanting to get baptized with me, so he wanted to end it with me too... i cried like a little girl with him for like a minute. it was tender. i feel a little like a woman pero... meh. ya no me importa. OK but the main part is that ur branch is growing! right we have finally had over 60 people in sacrament meeting and we have so many men with priesthood. if we keep growing we will have a chapel by october! which would be amazing, especially how hard these people are working.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The weekly email of how awesome this week was! so more then anything i want you to all know how awesome honduras is. i sweat so much that people could see both my shirts yesterday, but i love it. i was able to see the baptisms of 4 young men, every single one who was shown to me by a friend. It was great to see how great the people have been helping the missionary work here. I know sometimes its hard to do, but its worth it. I also want to tell any of my non member friends, im sorry i was never the BEST example of what a mormon really is. i do invite you to LEARN about what it really means. i mean, i dont ask you to change everything in your life or anything, but i could hope that people can learn to be better informed what we really believe, because as everyone tells us here, they have NO CLUE what we believe. Just to let you all know, we do NOT EAT BABIES!! ya, two people told me that this wek... weird huh. well right now i am actually with my new companion Elder PAssey from Idaho! he is a super weird guy, but i have finally had the time to let out MY weird so we just are getting on weird new levels of trouble XD WELL since it is my birthday soon, i want to let you all know, i am actually thinking of making myself a cake. im thinking a lime flavored frosting... any ideas from the family?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Alright so this week has been insane... Last week, we were told that me and my companion Elder Delgado would be having changes. He was to go to another area, so bright and early wednesday morning, we traveled to san pedro. We saw alot of good friends and i actually saw my FIRST companion Elder Porter give his last testimony in public as a Missionary. That was super strange to see... But he ended his mission well, and it was good to see him for the last time in at least 11 months. But the best part of this weekend was that it has been a year since i was singing in that same building. The power here was amazing to see, these great saints, getting so excited to hear the Prophets voice, even though they live so far away, and ya... This time has been pretty amazing. the best part is that a good friend gave me some advice, of listening to the conference, while having a couple questions already written down. ya, pretty legit on this end. The best part is this week we are planning the baptisms of four young men who have been super happy for going to church and planning three more for the next week. This work isnt my work, and im glad to be a part of it.

Monday, April 8, 2013

This is really late cuz me and my comp were being beasts and beating a bunch of kids at soccer. i have realized that i want to learn REALLY how to play when i get back... BUT this week was awesome, im super excited FOR GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! this time i wont be singing... BUT ill be NOT sick and ill be able to watch all of it!!!! WELL... My comp Elder Delgado from mexico, is going to another area this wednesday, and ill miss him. AND the best part? we have 6 young men getting ready to get baptoized in the next two weeks!