Monday, December 23, 2013

Ok so this week has been pretty aweosme, not for alot of teaching or anything, just the moments.First thing, cool package from homewith dilicious cookies, and presents that ill need to wait to open, now having hammocks in our house. 

On tuesaday though our president showed us "its a wonderful life" and that made me think way too much about about home, because we live in a cold area, and it felt like it was about to snow and it really is a great movie.

But we have just been talking to alot of families right now where the wife wants to continue but we cant continue because the husbands dont want us to, which is tough but we cant force anything especially with guys here.

Also we have really been excited to be growing as an area here, becuase our leaders are a little scared but are really faithfuland have super strong testimonies. I am sohappy that i am ending here, and just loving the work really. ill be sending some pitcures next week, especially that i have found pinecones. in honduras. we have found pine trees. its the national tree of honduras, WHO KNEW???

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

SO, honestly, this week was sad, awesome and just fun. So i am now with my very last companion who is only 3 months in the mission, and who is freaking out because of how many gringos there are here, and the weird pueblo feel that we have here in our area. He is a pretty dangt awesome missionary from a place called elco nevada. Elder Wing.

The amazing part though of this week is that we have been finding some families that havent been to church because they didnt know where it was anymore, and came to church, are excited and im just stoked! we have been finding alot of people who are just ready to hear this gospel and its been alot of fun!

Also... i am the very first male primary president.-.. Our primary president got super sick and hasnt been able to go to church for a montha and this next week is our primary presentation, and because of other reasons i am having to lead the plan, and it was weird but the kids are alot of fun, and one is a huge help. just turned 12 and is always helping. just weird to be teaching primary XD

Monday, December 9, 2013

I have been loving this week especially with the amazing music we lsitened to! i couldnt really sit down and listen to the talks because i have been running around keeping kids quiet so everyone else could pay attention. BUT i did love the christmas devotional, because ya know... ITS CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!! 

SO in these past few days i have been chilling and working like donkeys (as these hondurans say) and just loving every minute with my companion. We did find out today that he is leaving to another area and we have no idea where he is going. This all means that i have no idea who is going to be killing me. But i am excited to start my last change just working.

But we have been having fun so i decded to start taking more pictures because honestly this place is super safe.

In these pictures are my comp proving that an hna here had bigger hips then a college football linemen... or as  

also duirng the three day i found silly putty and made myself a little warrior! we were super bored.. i also found a coool wood carving of a skull, my companion and over 3000 liters of coca cola at a place. rthat was kinda funny XD and a gross spider.

these first three pictures are of a weird tradition here in the mission... a guy comes to all the houses in the northern part of honduras and kills all bugs every three months, and if he kills the bugs he also takes pictures of you dying by him. also our shirts after carrying HUGE bags of beans down a hill to help a family out. it took three washings to get them clean again hahaha it was so much fun!

Monday, December 2, 2013

So a very short week, but we have been having a great time together!! This week we were able to help a daughter finally be baptized of a good friends convert. she was finally ready, and it happened on saturday, and it was an amazing experience!! well... Christmas is coming... ive been writing these letters for more than 90 weeks straight... some weeks seem a little redundant hahahaha BUT pictures next week!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Well, SO here in honduras there were elections, that went pretty smoothly, just our leaders were a wee bit worried because four years ago there was a coup d'├ętat and the group was trying to get power again... And well, they wanted to forcefully take over. Well nothing happened and we are all safe. We were just super bored for three days because we only left for church on sunday and left. But it was funny, because we actually started on time, because nobody remembered that we were starting an hour later. We told everyone, but nobody remembered. the best part is they still showed up at 9:10. So we actually started on time! that was funny XD

Well from the far ends of the jungle wilderness,
Elder DeGriselles

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Alright so i had changes my last wednesday. the worst part of wednesday is i didnt get into my area till 8 at night. Because i went to the very tip of honduras. the second farthest area in all of our mission... BUT its amazing, i am in a small branch where i am the first counseler and loving it! My companion is an Elder Duff, (pictures to soon follow) WHo is 22, served a year in afghan then two years in westpoint. He is a master story teller and the funniest companion i have gotten. He is also one of the most dedicated missionaries i have met. He loves the work and we are just working ourselves every second we can. I mean seriously, one of the best guys i have met, he gets all my crazy refernces gives his own, and we are having fun!

SO here we are having a small difficulty with active men in our branch, so we decided to have an activity to animate and pump up the men. We played soccer. With jerseys. We destroyed, and had so much fun! A bunch of the men started getting really animated, and hopefully we will see the fruit! 

OH and also, here in Honduras are the presidential elections this sunday, so JUST TO BE SAFE (o sea, nothing is going to happen but the .001% chance that something might) we will be in the house from friday night until tuesday morning. Just leaving for sacrement meeting on sunday so just expect this email a day late. DOnt worry everything will be fine, and we are enjoying ourselves!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

ALRIGHT! so i hope my mother sent off the awesome pictures, sorry that they had to be sent in so many emails, i didnt realize that i had the pictures at 12 mp. BUT last week we had avery fun P day because the First COunseler of our area decided to bring us to a HUGE Dam here in Honduras and buy us fried fish! Yes, i ate fish. I finished everything except the eyeballs, i couldnt handle that... BUT iy wasnt too disgusting, the marine soup that i ate yesterday was though... Fish Shrimp sea snail and crab all cooked together, and i finished a bowl but i went home almost vomiting. I still dont like fish. I did  try but... nope. 

But the other amazing news is here in this area, the very last weekend i was abl to see  baptism of an amazing woman! Me andmy companion found her trying to talk to a member but we found her instead, left her a pamphlet, she read it and the next time we were walking by she gotupset that wewerent answering her questions! she has been  pretty dang great about everything, and it was great to see.

The last part isthat iam indeed leaving this area on wednesday, and going to my 7th and hopefully my last area. Ill let you know next monday how that will go and ill say where iam!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

So i am great, we are preparing an amazing woman for baptism this weekend, and we have NO Time because a member from our ward decided to bring us to a place in Honduras (with permission of course) and we just got back and we have to be done by 6. I am loving this time, but it keeps seeming to change on me. My mission president let me know that i am having changes next week, which is super strange because its usually the monday before that we find out, but because this is a new area, he wants to make sure we get the area super ready for new missionaries because this next change will be the last change in this areas trial period to see if it is ready to be open for 4 missionaries or if it should go back to just two like before. 

ALSO i am telling this to you all now that the 24th and 25th we are having elecions here and no, i do not know how to spell that in english anymore. The 25th we are actually not going to be allowed to leave the house just in case there are problems because 4 years ago during the elections there was a cout de tat(?) and they want us to be safe. so as it gets closer and i have more information, ill let you know when ill be writing and responding, because it wont be on that monday like normal. remember that is in 3 weeks, not next or the other, but the last week of november. keep honduras in your prayers, and i know ill be fine! our leaders are keeping a good eye on us and making sure we have everything ready!

Monday, October 28, 2013

OOOOOOk, so i am pretty dang stoked because this week we have just been working hard even though first my companion was super sick, and then right after i got the same. we were both frustrated that it was one and the other, but i guess it all works out for the best XD

The best thing about this week though is that we are teaching this wonderful little old lady named Maria, who is the neighbor of a member who has been helping her out alot. She had a big experience reading and going to church, because she used to be really big in the ministry of another church. SHe had a big experience that she felt that in this church is where she needs to stay because she feels the great desire to learn. SHe is then asked how she could be baptized and will be baptized the ninth of next month! 

We also had the great time of climbing a mountain looking for monkeys, we didnt find them... but it was still fun!