Tuesday, July 30, 2013

ALRIGHT!!! so this email is making up for the lack of email that i had last week. Just didnt... feel up to it and sorry about that XD
Ok so this week has been alot of fun! we have been really focusing on finding people that before had been to church, but because of whatever reason had stopped going. The best part of the people, is they have been very eager to start learning again. We have found some people, also that have been alot of difficulties.
One of these men, has been a faithful member for about 5 months. He fell and drank again this past thursday. we eat every sunday with him on sundays and his family so we had the great chance to help him out. he didnt want to talk much about what had happened, but his wife told us, and after he told us everything. he didnt tell us because he felt awful for drinking, but we started talking to him, and reading some scriptures. we focused ourselfs in on the missionary manual Preach my Gospel, and he got so excited to know that its normal to fall, and there are ways he can be free of his addiction. In the book there is a huge chunk talking about people falling, and that through time and love, they can get over it and be completely over it. heal. I had only seen him so excited when i told him i was the same futbol team as him, which here in HOnduras is HUGE. And ya, he was super eager to try again with the knowledge that he might fall again, yet he was happy to know it wasnt the end.
Other news, is that here in my branch, we have been working with two sets of missionaries and we are going to be very excited to get this work done. we have been sharing the gospel with so many people, especially those that have fallen, and are wanting to just try again. Its the message of my week i have seen. It doesnt matter how many times we fall, but how many times we dont lift ourselves up. God loves us, and he is our Father. He doesnt want to lose ANY of us.
I might not be too happy with the heat or other things here in honduras, but i am never sad that i decided to serve God with everything for two years. vale la pena, ¿ey?
Esta es la Iglesia verdadera. Tenemos la autoridad. Lo recibimos de Dios él mismo.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ok so im not dead, and i am alright! i love you all, a whole lot.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ok, so i am super super uber duper sorry for being a space! so this week on internet went something like this, opening my emai and it telling me that everything wasnt sent last week, then not letting me do anything for about 30 minutes... and then after figuring everything out it let me know that all the emails WERE sent, and then... frustrated i forgot to let the world know that this was a slower week, and not really happened... We did do a grill as a zone. I am loving the country right now and all of the people. The only part note worthy of this week is that we are teaching the daughter in law of our recent convert. she has been interested and listening but until thursday she had a dream. the dream was super cool because after praying alot to peak her dead brother, she feels that she did talk to him. it was a cool experience but for the (as i say) sacredness ill keep the details out. SHe really is excited to be baptized, just cant see herself living the law of chastity because her "husband" 15 and she is 25. and she is pregnant, but they want to know what they can do to be good with god and we are not forcing any decisión on this one. this is theirs xD

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

the weeklyletter!

This week was a pretty amazing week! i found out some great news about some families here in my area, and one family from an area that i helped be married and baptized last February. They are doing great and sent me a beautiful letter about how every week has been difficult but they keep growing there wonderful testimony. he is working hard in the church and both are being great leaders. I am happy to see how great this work can be. Also i am happy to say that me and my campanio Elder dean, are doing some amazing work here! right now we are waiting a call from our leaders to see if we get changed or we stay together six weeks more. I am sorry that i dont have much more thoughts, except i know this is the work of the lord, that no matter what, this isnt in my head, but God knows me.

Friday, July 5, 2013


so in our area here of Dos Caminos, or Two Ways, and we have great news! In this are they have had the inspiration to send two new missionaries! We are now four working together for the same progress of the branch. The area is huge, so the extra help is very welcome. We are actually working in two different ways, which is very interesting. My companion and I are working with the idea of investigators. The other two, one from guatemala, and the other from utah, are working with all the inactives that we have in this area. Its an area of about 400 members and only about 140 are semi active. The work is going great! we have a young man who is very excited about the work, has been reading and so excited to hear anything about the work. We are working hard and seeing the fruits. We are having some problems but thats life. Our Branch president is still insane, and yet we still work hard The coolest part of this week is working and having the impression to pass for a couple houses at night. The first is a good one, but the second was the best. The dad was asking good questions and wanting to understand. BUT the girl was asked what we believe about Hell. We told her we believe it but not the same way as alot of churches. We explained how we believe, that more of the hell is the sorrow we will fell and how we will not be able push back guilt or forget it, and all will be our only thoughts. which give us such pain it will be like a fire. The girl then responded "Well thats good, because iof God is a God of love, how can he justify thrusting his children into a lake of fire?" she understood how revelations or the apocolypse, is alot of symbolism, and was just super intelligent, the mom started talking of God and CHrist being Different, but of the same purpose. SHe explained how if the father sent christ how could he send himself? she then started speaking of how a father and his son could be so close yet still different people. They were just so eager to learn even though they understood so much. I felt so hapy being around them because the Spirit was there testifying of our words.